About Us

How Did it Begin?

THE CHAIN was founded in November 2013 by Garrett Guttenberg, Brian Hallinan, and Michael Saggese. Throughout their careers the three men regularly attended different networking groups which were all the same.  They realized that there was only so much time one could dedicate to networking in a given week. Getting to really know someone, trust them, and refer them business required more than a quick breakfast. They agreed they needed to deliver on something that built real relationships, tested commitment, and gave back to the surrounding community. After being affected by Hurricane Sandy and seeing the decline in local business, the founders realized it was time to change the way business would be done.  Through this realization THE CHAIN was formed.  THE CHAIN and the acronym speaks for itself (Charity-Humility-Autonomy-Integrity-Networking). It is important to the founders to find like-minded business professionals who share in their passion of building trust and relationships through service and charity.